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BOXSMALL is Edinburgh’s Summer Family Festival

Princess Mall Roof Terrace, EH1 1BQ

19th June – 31st August, 10am – 7pm

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We’re reinventing the rooftops of Princes Mall with a revolutionary new family entertainment space. Eat, shop and play in the heart of the city, and soak up the stunning views south to the royal mile and west up to Edinburgh castle. Open all summer and fun for all ages, our Summer Family Festival is the ideal hub for tourists and families.
Meal Deals


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£5 Lunch & Dinner deals, Every day at Boxsmall until August 31st. Orinoco Latin Food – Arepa with any filling and any soft drink – £5. Kampung Ali – Mee Goreng with your choice of soft drink – £5. Howies – Haggis, neeps & tatties with with your choice of drink – £5. Rabbies – Slow cooked pulled Scottish Beef or Lamb rolls plus a bottle of Strathmore water – £5.


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£4 All day entry & unlimited Kids Shows, Bouncy Snake and Games. Free toy prizes for everyone! Open 10am – 7pm every day in August. Previews from acts performing in the Fringe including Brush, Flight, Grossed Out Game Show, MsMcMoon’s Tea Party, Colors & Opera Mouse. Daily rotating interactive shows and games every half hour.


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A series of contemporary cubic micro-stores, which will showcase the very best of Scottish produce from seasonal, local food to unique art, craft and design. Create your own picnic from a colourful collection of fresh food stalls, then relax on site, enjoying the spectacular views.


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A micro-entertainment park that offers physical activities for children within a surprising contemporary environment. Integrating bungydome and bubblepod, this pop-up park has been hugely successful on this location every summer for the last four years and is more popular than ever.


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Comprised of two architecturally designed cubic boxes, and featuring Scotland’s most innovative theatre acts, Showbox will rotate various 10 minute live and intimate shows for kids. Engaging and interactive, these shows will thrill the little ones and offer a nice interval for parents alike.

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