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Fun and engaging activities for all the family

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Waverley Green is our unique 9-hole putting green with spectacular views of Edinburgh Castle, that the whole family can enjoy.

Kids aged 4+

Bubble Parc

The bubbleparc is a micro entertainment park that offers a series of innovative physical activities for children within a surprising contemporary environment. The bubbleparc is contagious, seducing visually, then transforming spectators into collaborators as they move according to the trajectories it offers.

Kids aged 2+

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The bungydome transforms a 12m geodesic dome into a performance by integrating four bungy trampoline jump stations that oscillate riders weightlessly up to seven meters while executing acrobatics. the experience is exhilarating and highly motivational, making the bungydome the epicenter of the bubbleparc, a nucleus of movement and happiness around which the other attractions are situated.

Kids aged 2+


As well as an array of family activities, BOXSMALL offers a selection of family friendly food options including frozen yoghurt, hot dogs, burgers and panini. There’s plenty for the adults to choose from too!

Meal Deals
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