Our bespoke, lockable boxes are architecturally designed to maximise space and experience for both the consumer and trader alike. Providing each individual trader with a space that they can customise and feel at home in for the duration of their BOXSMALL stay.
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Our boxes in Detail

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Box dimensions

Our Boxes are perfectly formed and designed as micro stores. Each box is sized at 2.4m(wide) 2.4m (deep) 2.9m (high). Market Boxes are serviced with a 4amp electricity supply. Food boxes are supplied with 2 x 32amp power supply as well as hand washing unit.

Box visuals

Food Boxes

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Craft Boxes

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Box pricing

We have two pricing structures for traders

Food Boxes

We offer food boxes for hire at the very competitive rate of £110 per day. Food boxes are considered those who will be selling food or drink for immediate public consumption.

Market Boxes

We offer craft boxes at a rate of £90 per day, with the option to take for a minimum one-week period.

Our Boxes in detail

Our boxes have been developed as innovative formal structures that communicate a fresh and avant garde attitude towards commerce. The scale is personal, inviting communication, and everything on display is easily reached by the vendor. The doors are rainproof display cabinets that swing outwards opening the BOX for business in a performative way. When closed the BOX provides a secure store for merchandise, eliminating the need to disassemble the stall every day. Materially they are structured by laminated timber masts, and clad in hardwood ply. The roof plane is translucent polycarbonate sheeting, generating a unique natural illumination in each BOX.

In terms of display the BOX is multiple, flexible, and customizable to each stallholders requirements. The lofty upper BOX is organized around suspension, with the ceiling being reinvented as a showcase, offering 16 display units, 60cm x 60 cm x 30cm, each with its own natural lighting, where suspended individual objects can be creatively displayed. The display doors rotate outwards providing highly visible displays that make first contact with passing customers. These doors and the entire lower BOX is organized around slatwall panels that allow stallholders to choose from a wide range of display components, and articulate the interior space as their merchandise requires.
The cantilevered canopy protects the front façade, establishing a dry zone for browsing even on the wettest days. The polycarbonate window over the door allows visibility to the showcase ceiling, even when the box is closed, promoting the merchandise to passing trade around the clock. A suspended fabric fitting room can be integrated if required. The BOXES are fabricated in birch plywood laminated with a highly resistant laminate coloured castle grey inside and out, and the canopies and display cabinets on the front of the boxes will be in contrasting heritage colours.

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Trader Application Pack

Download an application pack

Limited Boxes Remaining

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We have and opportunity for food and craft traders to join BOXSMALL from 1st – 28th August 2016 on the spectacular Roof Terrace of Waverley Mall. We can accommodate traders for the whole duration of our festival, or for a shorter period of time.